SoftWeir Patreon tier updates

Hello everyone, we’ve got some news to share with you regarding our Patreon subscription tiers.

We’ve been listening to your feedback to make sure our tiers offer the best value for our amazing community, and made Open Dev Kit content more accessible by restructuring the tiers. We’re rolling out some changes to streamline our tiers and offer even more benefits to our supporters. Here’s a breakdown of what’s changed:

Our $2 tier is now merged into the $5 tier. If you are already subscribed to the 2$ tier you can continue to do so for as long as you remain subscribed retaining your current perks. The new $5 Insider News tier provides the special Discord color and early access to content. For $15, Insider Builds subscribers get to test Open Dev Kit (If you have an active subscription) and 001 Game Creator beta patches, and can vote for 001 Game Creator feature requests. The $35 Insider Development tier offers access to development logs, playable demos, and an exclusive developer chat, while the $45 Insider Phoenix tier provides exclusive Discord perks and merchandise.

Discord channels/roles and tier names have been updated as well to reflect these changes.
#patreon-chat is now #insiders-chat
Tier “Early Bird” is now “Insider News”
Tier “001 Insider” is now “Insider Builds”
Tier “Open Dev Kit Insider” is now “Insider Development”
Tier “Golden Phoenix” is now “Insider Phoenix”.

We hope these changes make our Patreon experience even better for you. Thank you for being a part of the SoftWeir community and helping us create amazing things together, and if you haven’t already, check out our new tiers on our Patreon page and consider upgrading to unlock even more exclusive benefits:

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

SoftWeir Patreon tier updates