Almost 25 years of supporting users and game dev teams to get their products out

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to personally assist users develop and publish their projects, especially when they wanted to distribute them, whether commercially or not. And we very much intend on keeping this up going forward with Open Dev kit as well!

Personal touch not offered by most other game engines and software tools

We’ve always had a focus on making game/app development accessible and easy, and we’re aiming to maintain that standard we’ve set by our previous project 001 Game Creator. We don’t want you to have to live inside a reference manual to use our products!

Community-driven development

We prioritize our community’s feedback, actively engage with their suggestions, and maintain an open channel for their feature requests. Together, we’ve been building toolkits that evolves with the needs and creativity of our creative community.

VR (OpenXR/OpenVR)

No more side-loading apps, third party installers and incessant registrations! With a simple check of a box, dive into projects using your compatible OpenXR/OpenVR devices like the Valve Index, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive and plenty of others.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Image Manipulation

Open Dev Kit boasts a plethora of integrated OpenAI tools, aiming to assist you in creating your projects while cutting down as much time as possible during the development process.

Full UNICODE Support

Embrace a truly global reach for your games and applications with full UNICODE compatibility, allowing for flawless integration of diverse characters, symbols, and languages in your projects.


Empower your projects with secure and seamless communication. With native support for Web APIs using HTTPS/SSL, your games/apps can securely connect to external services, ensuring data integrity and user privacy.

Advanced sprite sequencing

Seamlessly sequence 2D sprites or 3D objects with keyframes, and enjoy the flexibility of an unlimited number of layers and unrestricted resolutions. Re-use texture, model, effect and material components across your entire resource set.

Advanced tile sequencing with unlimited layers and tile shapes

Effortlessly create intricate and visually stunning worlds using an unlimited number of layers. From keyframe-based animations to tiles of any resolution or shape, including hexagonal or isometric, Open Dev Kit offers unrestricted freedom for designing environments.

Importing and editing for images, 3D models, audio, and other resources

Effortlessly integrate resources with the ability to import and edit images, 3D models, audio – plus many many more – and enhance your projects with diverse and rich multimedia elements.

Editor customization

Add shortcuts and filters to quickly access specific resources or API objects saving you precious development time. Bundled with an easy-to-use theme editor enables an accessible environment for you to develop.

Easy-to-use scripting node system for non-programmers

Simplify creation and unlock the power of coding without the complexity. Our intuitive drag-and-drop graphical scripting system used by millions around the world make native code creation accessible to everyone, without needing extensive and complicated reference manuals. This makes it possible for someone of literally any age to start creating games and apps by piecing a flowchart together just like this:

Seamless Collaboration

Leverage the collaboration features and streamline your development process. Easily share projects with other users, breaking free from the limitations of traditional .zip file archive sharing. With just a few clicks any other Open Dev Kit user can be editing your project!

Anywhere access

Thanks to Open Dev Kit’s infrastructure being cloud-based, access to your projects can be granted from anywhere, anytime! Whether you’re working from your home computer or on the go, you can develop and even compile.

ODK was built using itself (like the movie Inception)

We built all the functionality of Open Dev Kit using itself, meaning those who are extra savvy can go in and modify the behaviour we have coded in! Although this won’t apply to most users, those who love to tinker might find a world of excitement waiting for them!

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