Open Dev Kit is still in testing and you may encounter errors in demos.
If you do run into any issues at all please help us out by contacting us. Please let us know which demo you are trying to run and the issue you experienced.

  • Platformer

    Fight through a dungeon of perils, watch out for traps!
  • RPG

    Save your village in this isometric experience.
  • Open AI

    Generate images, text, and iterations with Open AI.
  • 3D Physics

    Experience physics and 3D camera controls in Open Dev Kit.
  • Turtle3D

    Harness LUA to learn robotics and draw geometric shapes.
  • Shape Stacker

    Stack shapes as high as you can in this physics based puzzle!
  • HTTP Server

    Start networking with HTTP connections in projects.
  • Saving/Loading

    Save and load project attributes in live instances.
No Royalties. No Income Limits. No Distribution Fees.
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