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Open Dev Kit is an enhanced visual scripting video game and app engine which expands on the simple visual node concept. Utilizing the C++ architecture to allow for very few operating system and API limitations, it provides for a fully collaborative platform in a cloud based package. Create dream projects with little to no coding knowledge required to get started in a plugin ready environment.


  • Create apps and games with little to no previous experience
  • C++ architecture provides compatibility across OS – Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Build for Mobile & PC – iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac
  • App & Game VR Support
  • Cloud based storage and operation
  • Collaborative versioning and editing
  • Plugin and API compatible design



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Mike Weir
Owner, Lead Programmer
Matthew Cameron
Support Programmer
Joey Lavoie
Project Manager
Cody Bokota
Graphic Designer, Webmaster


Development for SoftWeir’s first project, Engine 001(001 Game Creator), started back in the year 2001. At first only a passion project, in 2003 that changed into a full fledged engine with simple functionality. Year after year, 001 Game Creator grew into a blossoming game engine. Starting with one lead coder, Mike Weir(founder), he pushed to improve his own ability and expand the feature set of 001 Game Creator. After contracting with Digital Extremes for a period after College, SoftWeir itself grew into a small team and continued to expand through the years.


Open Dev Kit
001 Game Creator