New LUA based demo, jump into STEM robotics!

We’re very excited to be introducing you to our newest Demo project: “Turtle 3D”! For those familiar with the “Turtle Drawing” educational concept of learning how to code, we have recreated this concept but in 3D. Turtle 3D is a Demo introducing robotics through simple Lua scripts, serving as an invaluable resource for students who’re learning how to program.

Using Lua scripting, you’ll be able to instruct various animals to walk paths or draw lines. This is an excellent way to learn coding and logic in a visual way, as your instructions will play out for you step-by-step. Although simple in nature, this demo can help you gain knowledge applicable across various STEM fields such as robotics and simulations, or visualizing how a 3D printer works.

For those more interested in the technical aspect, this demo showcases the use of multiple canvas rendering the same game scene across multiple windows, plus GUI windows interacting with game scenes. You’ll definitely want to check it out next update!

Beyond that, we’ve also made countless improvements, including refined actor physics functions, dynamic manipulation of physics properties, runtime gravity adjustments, and improved UX features like window closing cancellation and canvas framerate control. We’ve also enhanced Jolt and Box2D physics, giving you now even more freedom to get creative with immersive gameplay physics!

Reminder that Open Dev Kit has recently also received a few new features such as extended OpenAI integration, Virtual Reality implementation, and now we now also have an exciting new devlog series over on our Patreon that starts with a Roadmap about ODK!

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New LUA based demo, jump into STEM robotics!