Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial/demo/trailer?

As we are still in alpha, we want to ensure we have the resources and everything setup first. Once everything is set up, we’ll release trials, demos, and trailers for a better introduction.

What documentation/tutorials are available? Is more coming?

Documentation and tutorials are limited during this Alpha stage, we are constantly working on and improving what is available. The software comes with a .PDF help file to help you get started, as well most basic/intermediate options in-editor come with tool tip descriptions and parameter explanations.

How is my account protected?

Your account is safeguarded by a customizable username and password of your choice. You can also enable an extra layer of security with 2FA using TOTP authenticators.

Do I need fast and reliable Internet?

No, latency is not a factor when it comes to this software as the project’s resources are streamed as they are needed and cached for re-use.

Do I need a fast computer with lots of memory?

The benefit of the cloud is that all storage and most processing is offloaded to the server and your data is saved remotely, giving your processor and hard drive some space. Eventually with mobile support, even a phone or tablet will suffice.

What if I want to pause my subscription? Will I lose all my data?

Not immediately. While our EULA outlines terms more specifically, data is only purged when absolutely necessary. Your information is safe short to medium term.

Could I lose my data?

Just like on a regular computer data loss is possible. But with our cloud-based system and easy data export, you’re better protected. Constant backups ensure your projects are secure.

Can I download a backup copy of my projects?

Absolutely. However due to practicality and security issues, we recommend that you create copies within your online profile so that they can be recovered easier.

Can I store data locally?

Projects are stored in the cloud, this allows projects to be easily shared with other users or synced between devices. If your project had particularly huge files that don’t need to be synced to the cloud, you could stream/load these at run-time from your device or an external server. We do not provide support for any externally stored data.

What are the benefits of cloud development?

Much like services similar to Google Docs, you can gain accessibility from anywhere, experience collaborative work, receive continuous updates and have peace of mind with constant backups.

How is this better than 001 Game Creator or other great tools like it?

Please visit our comparison page to see the unique advantages of our software over others in the game creation field such as our older 001 Game Creator.

Why no free version?

We are a firm believer in fair and transparent plans without royalties. We make our plans so that you don’t owe us any money no matter how much money you make or no matter how many installations or downloads you have.