RPG Template major updates plus increased cursor functionality

the most recent update is packed with massive fixes and performance enhancements, doubling the FPS in projects and setting the stage for even more improvements! Rendering consistency has been significantly improved, and we’ve added support for animated glTF2 3D models (.GLTF/.GLB files), in addition to the existing .FBX and .OBJ formats.
Our RPG template has also received major updates, introducing new cursor functionality for better object selection and obstruction handling. Expanded message boxes and interface navigation now allow message boxes to render entire actors, providing unlimited options for face graphics.

Additionally, this version includes the extensive documentation update we’ve teased in the past. Now, you can learn about any feature or scripting property/function by simply selecting it and pressing “F1”. We’ve nearly completed documenting every feature of Open Dev Kit, so be sure to explore this comprehensive resource!

Reminder that Open Dev Kit has recently also received a few new features such as extended OpenAI integration, Virtual Reality implementation, an exciting new devlog series over on our Patreon, and our more fresh Turtle 3D Demo, which is a project introducing robotics through simple Lua scripts!

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RPG Template major updates plus increased cursor functionality