New Version Out!

A new version of Open Dev Kit has just dropped in! MASSIVE amount of fixes and HUGE performance improvements across the board, we’re talking double the FPS in projects with still plenty of room for improvement!

Among the huge amount of fixes, we have greatly improved rendering consistency overall and also added support for animated glTF2 3D models (.GLTF/.GLB files) in addition to the existing .FBX/.OBJ formats that work already.

The RPG updates leverage new cursor functionality, such as determining which objects are selectable, and which objects can obstruct the mouse cursor for hit testing. The RPG template update also includes heavily expanded message boxes and interface navigation, message boxes can now render entire actors unlocking unlimited options for face graphics now!

In addition, this version comes with our massive documentation update we talked about previously! Now you can learn more about any feature or any scripting property/function by simply clicking on it and pressing “F1”. We have nearly finished documenting every feature of Open Dev Kit so definitely check it out.

Participate in the Open Dev Kit alpha and check it out:

New Version Out!