Comparison to Other Game Engines and App Development Tools

This comparison between engines and tools is made using the leading programs with comparable features to Open Dev Kit. This feature list may not apply to all programs.

  Open Dev Kit App Programming Tools Other 2D Game Creators Other 3D Game Engines
Lowest Paid Tier Pricing $9.99/Month $45.00/Month $99.99 (One-Time) $125.00/Month to $170.00/Month
Royalties None None None Up to 5% Revenue + Financial Disclosures
Access your projects anywhere Paid Add-On
Real-Time Saving
Built-In Networking Support
Visual Scripting Restrictive With Plugins
Built-In VR Support With Plugins
Built-In Web APIs
Unlimited Tile Layers
Variable Tile Resolution Partial
Keyframe Animations
API Creation Requires Code
GUI Editing Partial
Unlimited Map Scene Size
3D Shader Editing
Rotational Physics
Resource Streaming Requires Code
3D Spatial Surround Sound
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No Royalties. No Income Limits. No Distribution Fees.
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