001 Game Creator vs. Open Dev Kit

I already have 001 Game Creator, why should I switch to Open Dev Kit?

Fundamental differences and benefits moving from 001 Game Creator to Open Dev Kit

Anywhere Access

We are removing the need for platform specific libraries, allowing for the ability to make changes on the go. Windows only is a thing of the past. Our goal for the future of Open Dev Kit is to be able to perform things like: upload resources from your phone, make tweaks to a scene through an HTML5 capable browser, review content from your PC after you get home.

Saving & Back-ups

One major issue we wanted to address with Open Dev Kit is saving. Open Dev Kit is a cloud-based engine, you don’t have to beat yourself up over forgetting to save and losing any content. Back up and save projects as changes are made with no needed additional input and no need to worry about power outages or drive failures.

Project Sharing

Collaborate without the caveats from 001 Game Creator on a whole new level, without requiring any file browser digging in just a few clicks. Share, export, and backup your projects with ease.


Open Dev Kit is built from the ground up as a completely native code base to allow for increased performance. Utilize multi-threading in built applications to increase efficiency by running audio, physics, rendering, etc within separate cores and boost your apps and games for the ultimate user experience!


Bare bones consoles are no longer a standard for users, create your own with extensibility for a more in-depth experience! Gain access to variables, arrays, and custom classes with peer to peer networking or connect to APIs like OpenAI.


Game and app assets are one of the biggest factors when it comes to overall project size. When it comes to Open Dev Kit, resources are simplified and universal, they can be shared between instances such as GUI windows or within 3D models seamlessly. Instead of having to define multiple resource types across all your scene and window instances, re-use existing resources or apply small changes and create a child versions without leaving the engine.

Classes & Inheritance

Go beyond actors and create your own custom class for everything and anything. In Open Dev Kit, we allow more than just actor templates for hierarchical inheritance of scripts/properties, now it’s every aspect of the software! Take existing object types or make new ones, define your properties, and all children of said object can gain the same elements defined for the parent.


From actors to GUI elements, or even entire scenes, duplicate objects of any kind with no need to rely on Actor Templates. Create a series of map variations by cloning whole scenes and gain the ability to modify elements separately in each instance for entire worlds.

Scenes & Interfaces

View objects can now be more than just a map with interfaces as overlays. Display scenes, objects, camera views, or other interfaces without layering limits. Tiles, actor layers, holograms, and rendering order all get the same treatment and are now also unlimited.

Single grid scale is now a thing of the past and the need to stitch together custom grids for larger maps is gone. Gain control of how large or small you want your tilesets, all within the same scene with full grid customization and modular level editing capabilities. (Or go off the grid entirely!)

Physics Processing

Open Dev Kit is powered by both Box2D and Jolt for all your 2D and 3D physics needs. Apply gravity, friction, weight, dampening and more with rotational physics in all three dimensions! Now with real-time visual debugging of physics shapes.

Shadows & 3D Rendering

Brighten your environments with additional light types and increase fidelity with shader calculations re-written from the ground up. Utilize spotlights that emit in one direction based on width, point lights to emit in all directions, and directional lights for global lighting to highlight specific scene coordinates or light the entire map with directional shadows. Modify shaders in various ways in engine and look forward to making and importing your own in the future! Check it out here


Test projects instantaneously! Open Dev Kit launches test instances in the same process as the engine itself, no more resource loading times and create as many testing instances your system can handle.

Bug Reporting

Instead of us having to rely on users for all issue details, Open Dev Kit has features built in to attach errors right into your reports when an issue occurs. This allows for a less stressful experience for you and gives us the symptoms to keep your projects free from distractions without the guessing where something went wrong.

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