001 vs. ODK

I already have 001, why should I switch to ODK?

Fundamental differences and benefits moving from 001 to ODK

Anywhere Access

By removing the need for platform specific libraries, this includes having the ability to make changes on the go. Windows only is a thing of the past. Our goal for the future of Open Dev kit is to be able to perform things like: upload resources from your phone, make tweaks to a scene through an HTML5 capable browser, review content from your PC after you get home.

Saving & Back-ups

One major issue we wanted to address with ODK is saving. By making ODK a cloud-based engine, you don’t have to beat yourself up over forgetting to save and losing any content. Open Dev Kit backs up and saves projects as changes are made with no needed additional input from the user.

Project Sharing

Project Sharing has always had its caveats in 001, something we love that ODK can do with little to no dependencies. This allows users to collaborate on a whole new level without requiring any file browser digging.

Live Project Collaboration

Along with project sharing comes a greater focus on letting teams be teams, not separate developers having to reach over each other. From hobbyist to professional developer, creating projects alone reduces the scope of what can be accomplished.


Open Dev Kit is built from the ground up as a completely native codebase to allow for increased performance. Efficiency is something we always want to keep in mind, and always want to strive for the best possible experience when it comes to users and project end-users.


With increased performance comes better networking. Instead of being more restrictive and utilizing pre-made consoles, create your own and gain access to more aspects of peer to peer networking.


Resources are one of the biggest factors when it comes to overall project size and needlessly bloats builds for the end-user. When it comes to ODK, paths to resources are much more simplified. Instead of having to define multiple resource types across all your map and UI instances, re-use existing resources across any scene/UI or apply small changes and create a child version without leaving the engine.

Physics Processing

Physics has always been a very resource intensive feature to implement. With 001’s older core programming, it was not intuitive to apply newer libraries and processing forces for more complicated physics. Older methods of calculating physics in general is far less performative under all circumstances.

Shadows & 3D Rendering

Like with physics, Shadows and GLSL 3D shader rendering was a very intensive process for 001’s core coding platform. In its inception, 001 was created to work as mostly a 2D engine with minor 3D additions. As we grew with 001, minimal 3D no longer fit our own mission working forward. In an effort to work towards our own goals we needed more flexibility to create our own “dream games”.

Bug Reporting

Instead of us having to rely on users for the exact issue they experience, ODK has features built in to notify us what was running when the issue happened. This allows not only for a less stressful experience for you, it gives us the symptoms to speed up the bug hunt process and keep your projects free from distractions.

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