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Crash and Bug Reporting

  • When ODK encounters a crash, an automated report window should prompt you to submit a crash/bug report after relaunching the ODK process. Manual reports for caught issues may be submit through the engine using the Bug Report option found in the Help menu item.

Information to include in your tickets:

  1. Brief Description: A very short summary of the issue you encountered. Some examples of good brief descriptions include “Crash when creating a new sprite”, “Visual glitch when modifying button” or “Disconnected from server when testing app”
  2. Detailed Steps: Explain step-by-step how to recreate the issue, or what you were doing to the best of your knowledge when the issue occurred. Be as detailed as possible in explaining which resources/objects are involved. If you would like to add additional information such as screenshots or videos please mention that you have those and a team member will reach out.

Contact Form

  • Utilizing the Open Dev Kit Contact Form you can message a team member for any pre-purchase, purchasing or feature questions.