Thank you for joining us in the alpha phase, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions!


Before joining us in the alpha test of Open Dev Kit, we have a few things to go over first as well as some known issues:
  1. We ask that you please do not share screenshots or videos of the software outside of the #odk-alpha channel on our discord server ( The UI design, layout, themes, documentation and functionality are all in alpha stages and are subject to change and improve over time.
  2. For software support, please see the #odk-alpha channel on discord. If you can not see this channel after you have been given software access let us know!
  3. Although we will do our best to carry over projects/data outside of the alpha, we can not guarantee that this will be the case.
  4. Performance will be slow, this is due to various debugging tools still in place and optimizations not started.
  5. The software comes with very limited assets included.
  6. Programming is very “Barebones” compared to 001, certain aspects will definitely get easier to use over time.
  7. We only support Windows at this time, although there is plans for multi-platform support of both the editor and exported projects.
  8. Instead of “Maps” and “Interfaces” that 001 uses, ODK uses “Scenes” to accomplish the same task.